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Digimax Media specializes in “Over the Pump” advertising. We help our clients market to on-the-go consumers by putting their brand right in front of their customers. The average person spends 6 minutes at the pump and we know that this is the perfect opportunity to present them with your message. Whether you are looking to advertise with us or you are a station owner who wants to take advantage of our television systems, we are just a call away. Contact us today to be apart of this growing new trend in advertising!
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  • Unlimited Ad Rotation Available
  • Creative Changes Available on a Weekly Basis
  • Targets the hard to reach, on-the-go consumer
  • Our industry leading experience engages, influences, and drives them to your door
  • Captive audience – consumers cannot fast forward through breaks or change channel
  • Category exclusivity available for long-term contracts


  • 10 plays per hour per screen
  • 240 plays per day per screen
  • 7,200 plays per month per screen
  • Average time spent at pump is 6 minutes, our loops will never be longer than 6 minutes
  • Our programming loop is designed to reach every person at every pump at every location (100K people per month)
  • One transaction = One impression (people in the car are free!)